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 4Points is excited to bring you a variety of opportunities to learn "REEL" and practical performance skills, that can serve you in your pursuit of a career in acting on film & TV.

Starting September 2018 4Points Film & Tv, will be hosting another series of workshops for working and aspiring Film and TV actors and performers in Toronto.

These workshops develop practical and professional acting skills for film & Tv, by dialing in on specific areas related to performance, career development, networking and more.



Fighting For Film / TV:

Basic Training & Certification (36hrs)

ADC certification: Basics Actor Combatant (Optional)

DATES: Feb 10th - May 12th 2019 (except Feb 17th & April 26th)

TIMES: Sundays 11am-2pm

Course fee: 695$ +tx

optionalAdjudication & certification fee: 50$ +tx

program director & Adjudicator: john stead

Instructors: Steve Wilshire, Anita NiTtolY & Geoff scovell


2gun tactical training workshop:

DATES: jan 27th 2019

TIMES: Sunday 10am-6pm

Course fee: 250$ +tx

Instructors: john stead & Al Vrkjan

Instructors John Stead and Al Vrkljan lead a 2 Gun Tactical firearm workshop teaching safe and effective firearm/replica use in performance. Emphasis will be given to training in safe angles, proper stances, draws, movement/carries, and tactical approaches including doorway entry and room clearance. Participants will gain experience with distinguishing between blank firing devices and replicas and a range of firearm types and actions. We will include assault rifles, single and double-action revolvers, and single and double-action self-loading pistols. All Exercises are dry fire only as the focus is on operational handling and tactics. This is a highly valuable course for anyone in the performance aspect of the entertainment industry.

About our specialist Al Vrkljan:
Al has served in the Canadian armed forces for a total of twenty years. While employed in the forces, he has served in various roles, operations and leadership positions.
Al has instructed and staffed basic to advanced courses including personal development to leadership.

Currently he’s in the motion picture industry entering his nineteenth year. Al’s been employed as a Armourer at every level within the industry with over 100 credits.
Within those years, he’s made the transition over to the Stunt world where he’s currently employed as a stunt performer and as a stunt rigger with over 80 credits.

Who should attend this workshop:
This course is perfect for actors, stunt performers or background alike who wish to add some realism to their film & tv firearm skills. Highly valuable for anyone in the performance aspect of entertainment.

To get an idea of what some tactical training looks like, check out the video bellow to watch Keanu Reeves prepare for his performance as John Wick, then register for some training of your own.