start reaping the many Benefits of JIu jitsu

The lessons learned on the mat, the confidence that is built, the renewed energy and exposure to new people...So often the benefits experienced as a result of training BJJ come together and serve as a pivotal point in people's lives as they gain the confidence to pursue and attain their lifelong dreams and goals.

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Our beginner friendly curriculum is designed to help even the most out of shape and uncoordinated individuals integrate into the sport and every one of us here has started at the beginning, just like you.

NO COMMITMENT - no equipment - no excuses


We make the learning process as simple as possible by breaking down each technique step by step, consistently revisiting material and keeping you mentally and physically engaged so that while you work at your own pace, your body is able to adapt to the new activity. Your fitness and confidence will steadily improve as your skill level begins to develop.


Only a small handful of our students had any athletic experience at all. Most came from desk jobs and led relatively sedentary lifestyles before they began training. You do not have to be in shape or lose weight before you start. You will be training with plenty of others who are in exactly the same boat.


While you may believe you are too old to start training BJJ, keep in mind that our student base ranges from ages 4 to 55 years old. A large majority of our adult students STARTED training after the age of 25 and about a quarter of our students began their BJJ journey at or around age 35.


Many of our students began with no athletic experience and used BJJ to lose weight, tone muscle and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Some have lost up to 30lbs in 3 months and continue to burn fat and tone muscle as they train regularly.


4Points BJJ has partnered with Olympian wrestler and Judo black belt Ohenewa Akuffo, to bring you specialized training in the form of a 12 week course dedicated to customized takedowns for Brazilian jiu itsu. over 12 weeks, students learn the mechanism and mechanics of takedown movements derived from Olympic style wrestling and competitive Judo. We highly recommend this course for individuals interested in competing or just generally gaining a deeper understanding of martial arts and body mechanics.


4Points head instructor David Thompson is a Brazilian Top Team black belt under Fabio Holanda. Born and raised in Montreal, David started training Brazilian jiu jitsu in order to get in shape and blow off some steam. After falling in love with the intellectual aspect of the sport (and losing 30lbs in the first 3 months), he decided to make jiu jitsu a part of his daily life. He has taught in Montreal, Ottawa, Mexico and Dubai and opened the first jiu jitsu academy in eastern Africa, before settling here in Toronto. With a background in engineering, David has a detailed and conceptual approach to teaching that is rooted in logic and efficiency.



The list of side effects of training BJJ is a long one and ultimately you'll have to try it out for yourself to see how it benefits you most but here are some of the ones most commonly reported by those who have taken up and continued to train:

Builds self confidence and self esteem

Weight loss

Over all fitness

Muscle tone

Lower anxiety and depression

Better eating habits

Better sleep

Improvement in memory








At 4PBJJ we use curriculum based programming for all our classes. Every class is either 1 or 1.5hrs and is split into 2 parts: 
Technique: Review and fine tuning of various moves from the curriculum.
Rolling: an attempt to impose the previously reviewed techniques on a resisting opponent, for the purpose of offensive or defensive practice in real time. Also referred to as "sparring".

Competition: While competition is not mandatory as our students develop a stronger sense of resilience and self esteem, Most eventually choose to set goals of competing in local tournaments on their own. They come to understand that the value in competition is what you learn from the experience and your ability to apply that to future efforts that is important.

  • Takedowns

  • Advantageous Positioning

  • Submissions

  • Escapes

  • Sweeps, guard passes and other transitions  

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As you train with your new teammates in a welcoming environment, it's easy to join them in becoming invested. Your mind and body are presented with stimulating new challenges AS WELL AS the opportunity/resources to conquer them. BJJ is a game not based on chance but on choices, hard work and experience. The harder your push yourself, the better you get. YOU are in full control of your progress and all you have to do is keep showing up.


As you observe everyone around you use failure constructively, you yourself will begin to view failure as a valuable tool in your own success and take pride in your growing resilience. This prevailing attitude quickly becomes apparent in other areas of your life as you tackle more opportunities and challenges that once intimidated you in your day to day life.


Your body is constantly in motion at various intensities throughout your 1 to 2.5h at the academy. Whether you are slowly reviewing steps or trying them out when rolling, your body is gaining agility, speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and muscle memory. You are burning a lot of calories a couple times a week and you're surrounded by people who are also interested in adopting healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices. This mentality becomes contagious so the way you care for your body begins to change on it's own.


BJJ has a unique playful and game-like quality that is reminiscent of wrestling with friends and siblings for fun as a kid. You don't mind being sweaty, out of breath and defeated by your training partners. You're playing HUMAN CHESS! Your mind is too busy having fun, learning and being rewarded to care that your body is engaged in an intense workout. You are pumped full of endorphins and after a healthy meal and some rest, you can't wait to go again!


If you are the kind of person who has to drag themselves to the gym or cant seem to make it there at all, there's a good chance you're the kind of person we will have to drag OUT of the academy at the end of the night. Many BJJ practitioners will tell you that they were never able to stick to a traditional workout routine or healthy eating habits until AFTER they started training BJJ. Usually BJJ gave them the reason and desire to further condition and fuel their bodies as well as the support and company of peers to get them motivated and stay accountable.


Once you own a GI and a belt, you become a card-carrying member of a massive international community that starts right here at 4Points BJJ. As you continue to train and post pictures in your GI, you notice new followers on social media who share your passion for the sport. You will start to recognize some of them as you attend tournaments to support your training partners or compete yourself. When you travel, you pack your GI, send out a few messages to local BJJ players you'd like to meet and academies you’d like to visit. You'll make friends all over the world who welcome you with open arms and add a whole new level to your travel experience.


BJJ is unique. You are fully responsible for yourself, your training and your performance but we work very closely as a team. In fact, you can't do BJJ without your teammates. Your 4Points teammates become your friends and you build close bonds with them based on mutual respect, shared experience, support and acceptance. They push you, encourage you, teach you, learn from you and rely on you not just to do your best, but to push them to do the same. Many students use BJJ as a way to strengthen existing bonds with friends, family and partners as well. We have parents who train with their kids, couples, siblings and friends who start their BJJ journey together and become closer as a result.