As a member of our adult 4PBJJ program, you benefit from our structured curriculum (at every level), personal attention and detailed instruction. We cater to both men and women, from beginner to advanced, with a commitment to helping you reach your goals. Whether your aim is to get a good workout, blow off some steam, learn a new skill, build stronger family bonds, compete, just have fun or something else 4POINTS BJJ can help you get there. Our community is made up of corporate leaders, professionals, parents, trade specialists, former athletes, TV & film personalities and students from North York as well as other parts of the GTA. We pride ourselves on providing a safe,  positive and familiar environment, where you are free to set your own goals and learn at your own pace.



At 4PBJJ we use curriculum based programming for all our classes. Every class is either 1 or 1.5hrs and is split into 2 parts: 
Technique: Review and fine tuning of various moves from the curriculum.
Rolling: an attempt to impose the previously reviewed techniques on a resisting opponent, for the purpose of offensive or defensive practice in real time. Also referred to as "sparring".

  • Takedowns

  • Advantageous Positioning

  • Submissions

  • Escapes

  • Sweeps, guard passes and other transitions

NOGI BJJ is similar in structure to the classes with GI however a rashguard and shorts are required. The main difference between GI and NOGI from a technical stand point is that the absence of a GI makes in much harder to immobilize your opponent simply by grabbing onto their clothing. This makes NOGI a faster paced exchange. There also tends to be a larger focus on wrestling for takedowns as well as leg locks.   


Womens BJJ is a large, growing and internationally respected community. Women who commit to learning the sport, often become skilled technicians with a healthy self esteem, and ability to defend themselves in the most vulnerable of situations.  BJJ builds confidence and encourages women to practice being comfortable and perusing goals in otherwise male dominated environments. What makes 4PBJJ different is female leadership. Ayisha Issa is not just our youth instructor, she is also owns and operated the studio and its programs. 

Women are welcome to train in ALL of our classes (in fact we encourage co-ed participation for optimal growth and development. AMAZONS BJJ is a class within a class for women who are looking to learn BJJ with other women, or make female friends within the community. We recognize that  starting something new can be intimidating, especially when you are the only woman in the room. A dedicated day and time for the women to train, makes it easier to meet and and make friends with the other women on the team while you settle into your new life as a bjj player.

It's important to signal your attendance for this class by signing up so that other women know you will be at the gym and Remember: don't be afraid to jump in to all the other classes and make friends with/ train with the guys!  We have a helpful, friendly and respectful team and we would be happy to have more women in all our classes!





30 Days unlimited+gi




30 Days unlimited+GI & gloves







4Points head instructor David Thompson is a Brazilian Top Team black belt under Fabio Holanda. Born and raised in Montreal, David started training Brazilian jiu jitsu in order to get in shape and blow off some steam. After falling in love with the intellectual aspect of the sport (and losing 30lbs in the first 3 months), he decided to make jiu jitsu a part of his daily life. He has taught in Montreal, Ottawa, Mexico and Dubai and opened the first jiu jitsu academy in eastern Africa, before settling here in Toronto. With a background in engineering, David has a detailed and conceptual approach to teaching that is rooted in logic and efficiency.