We get that not everyone works the same way, and everyone’s needs are unique so we offer private one on one training for all of our programs. Some people want more personal attention to focus on techniques, some want to accelerate their progress, some people feel more comfortable working privately, or maybe you’re prepping for a competition or an audition and you want to go that extra mile. Maybe you’re just that hardcore that you want to push your limits. We get that. We will give you our undivided attention and commitment to maximize progress and get the absolute most out of your sessions.



Working privately with someone can be more intimidating but also more productive than working in groups. The trainer/trainee relationship is a very personal one. We put great care into selecting our instructors so they have a balance of being someone who drives and motivates you, but also makes you feel safe and that you are being trained by a person with extensive skill and expertise. The most important thing to us is that you feel personally addressed and that you are consistently moving towards your goals. 



David Thompson


David thompson is the co owner and resident Black belt at 4Points BJJ. With over 15 years experience as a practitioner,competitor and instructor, David had developed a reputation for being patient, detail oriented and EXCEPTIONALLY good at breaking down BJJ in a way that everyone can understand. David’s private students include International Royalty, CEOS and every day people looking to better their lives with BJJ.


Ayisha Issa

BJJ Brown Belt & Competition Coach

Ayisha Issa is the co owner youth director and operations manager of 4POINTS. With almost 10 years of experience as a practitioner, world class competitor and instructor, Ayisha’s reputation is one intensity, motivational skill and efficiency. Known for her no non sense, fun and friendly approach to teaching shes build a reputation of motivational skill and inspiration and efficiency, thats popular with kids and teens.


Acting Coach

In addition to her world titles as a martial artist, Ayisha is also an award winning actor and acting coach. Specialized in career and skill development for adults kids and teens, Ayisha helps individuals build social confidence, find agents and book work in commercials, film & TV.

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Ohenewa Akuffo

Olympian Wrestler & Judo Black Belt

Ohenewa Akuffo Is an Olympic freestyle wrestler for Canada and a Judo Black Belt.

Ohenewa Akuffo is a Brampton, Ontario native who competed in Olympic-style wrestling for 20 years. Throughout her career as a high-performance athlete, Ohenewa has represented Canada in several World Championships. She has traveled around the world for numerous competitions, has won many feats and was a presenter at the 2013 International Olympic Academy Young Participants' Session. Her notable achievements include: · Commonwealth Games Gold medalist · World Silver & Bronze medalist · 2009 Brampton Hall of Fame Inductee · Canadian Olympian · Two-time silver medalist at the Pan American Games · Ten-time Senior National Champion

Akuffo is of Ghanaian descent. She won a bronze medal on 2008 FILA Wrestling World Championships.