TEEN training 12-15yrs

Our youth are encouraged not only to be proactive in regards to their own training, but to help each other improve through sharing what they have learnt with newer students. We use a structured and adaptable curriculum, positive reinforcement, respect, fun and a sense of personal responsibility to foster your child's best qualities. We are committed to teaching youth valuable life skills, while inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves in class and in life. In class, they are encouraged to challenge themselves and each other by testing and expanding their abilities in a safe and controlled environment.  Our students look forward to coming to class where they build confidence, grow stronger, become leaders and form healthy bonds and relationships with one another, based on mutual respect and support.

Why not enrol your Teen in a program where not only are they encouraged to practice failure, but where they learn how to use "failure" as a valuable tool in their ultimate success? The people who are scared to lose or fail are often the same ones who lack the confidence to pursue their goals and dreams in life, the same individuals who don't reach their full potential.

We at 4Points believe it is important not to run from discomfort but to conquer it. Our youth programs are founded on these principles. Through the development of a healthy competitive mindset and competitions skills (ie: preparation, winning mindset, self evaluation, goal setting) our students develop the qualities they will later use to pursue their dream jobs and opportunities in life.

As our younger student move into their teen years, age appropriate programming that challenges them and teaches them healthy values becomes an essential tool in their growth and development. Youth of this age tend to prioritise friendships, so we have provided them with a positive and inspiring environment, where they can bond with their peers while gaining new and transferable skills. 
We provide teens with a variety of class settings and training options to choose from by allowing them access to both youth and adult classes.

OUR Curriculum

At 4P Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we use curriculum based programming for all our classes. Every class is either 1 or 1.5hrs and is split into 2 parts: 
Technique: Review and fine tuning of various moves from the curriculum.
Rolling: an attempt to impose the previously reviewed techniques on a resisting opponent, for the purpose of offensive or defensive practice in real time. Also referred to as "sparring".

Competition: While competition is not mandatory as our students develop a stronger sense of resilience and self esteem, Most eventually choose to set goals of competing in local tournaments on their own. They come to understand that the value in competition is what you learn from the experience and your ability to apply that to future efforts that is important.

  • Takedowns

  • Advantageous Positioning

  • Submissions

  • Escapes

  • Sweeps, guard passes and other transitions




free trial week

NO COMMITMENT - no equipment - no excuses

Here are our recommendations For teen training:

  • Monday and Wednesday 7pm as CORE training days, however teens are welcome to use 6 pm classes for additional training. We have many teens who choose to do both.

  • Classes marked "NOGI" are open to teens who wish to participate. 

  • We encourage teens interested in developing leadership and coaching skills to attend 5:30pm and 6pm classes marked "kid" or "youth".

  • Volunteer hours are available. Contact us for details





4Points BJJ Youth Instructor Ayisha Issa is a Brazilian Top Team Purple Belt and 2 time IBJJF World Champion. She found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while looking to stay in shape and challenge herself. Soon after she started training in BJJ, she noticed a positive change in her self confidence and personal resilience, that was spilling over into other areas of her life. Ayisha combines her love of Jiu Jitsu with her affinity for youth development to help foster confidence, perseverance and other valuable qualities in young people. With a successful career as a film and television actress, Ayisha takes an animated and high energy approach to coaching. She wants your kids to discover and value their individual strengths and to stay focused on their personal goals, all while having fun and embracing the learning process.